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"Live, work and creation"
Alexei G. Tchernov
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I am Alexei Tchernov from Moscow.

At this place I state results of my work, science research.
I also want to tell about my current projects, my hobby, my family, friends and many other things.

Information is grouped by themes in several sections:

  • Personal data - collect information about
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Hobby (outdoor tourism)
  • Science - my science works (dissertation thesises, some researches of mine and researches of my colleagues)
  • Media planning - I interest of advertising means and present here some results.
  • Web - my web-related projects
  • Creative - experience in creation (flash, pictures, texts etc.)
  • Utility - useful things (by my opinion)

If you are interested sometheng then just go to appropriate section

A site at building process. Please, visit again, information will be updated and completed permanently.

With best regards
Alexei G. Tchernov

Personal dataScienceMedia planningWebCreativeUtility
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